the man who thought too much (destroycreate) wrote in gaybay,
the man who thought too much

Gay Nightlife

Hey everyone, my name is Peter, I'm 22, living in Denmark, gay, and I am moving to San Francisco beginning next year.

I have been to San Francisco several times and have yet to truly experience the nightlife. I have only to Badlands, and that's it so far.

My question is, how is the gay nightlife in San Francisco? I've spent a lot of time in London and other major world cities and had the time of my life. From what I saw in San Francisco though, I was a bit dissapointed in that there seemed to be very few people in my age group (in their 20's), just a lot of much older men. There wasn't any of those huge nightclubs either, which I usally prefer, but mostly lots of small, old lookling, cramped dance bars.

I don't mean to offend anyone, but I was just a bit letdown seeing as SF is seen as the gay capital of the world, etc. So I'm wondering if I just went to the wrong places?

Where can I go to meet other young guys and dance the night away? I'm not into leather, S&M, dive kind of places, I'm more into the stylish/trendy venues. So what should I expect out of the SF gay scene? How is it different from say, LA's? Is it a fun city for gay nightlife, or not?

Thanks a lot!
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