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Good Taste (my new informal, gay-friendly, Bay-Area dining club)

I wanted to post this to this community since I don't think we have any gay gourmands on board yet (other than myself), and naturally we queers tend to enjoy one another's company.

"Eating Out" was my first thought for the group's name, but that may not have been in very Good Taste.

I am relatively new to the Bay Area but this is my new permanent home, but have the feeling I've lived here before. I work as a concierge/front desk agent at a cool historic hotel in downtown, very close to Union Square, the gate to Chinatown, etc. There are so many fabulous restaurants here and I love cuisine, wine, etc., and would like to dine out more so I can speak with firsthand knowledge to my guests and recommend restaurants. But being new I haven't developed a big group of friends yet, and dining alone is just not as fun. So I thought I'd see if some others wanted to get together, maybe twice a month or so, and dine at a different restaurant each time. I thought of posting this to this group since the Mission is known for its superabundance of amazing eateries. I can make reservations for us using Open Table or Restaurant Row, as is my wont. I like all types of food, honestly I don't think there's a single type of cuisine where I haven't found a single dish I can get with (I love sushi and sashimi, love Italian and classical French cooking, Mexican/Cuban/Salvadoran, LOVE German food and beer, etc).

I guess I don't really want to impose any restrictions as far as selecting the kind of people I'd like to dine with - I'm just thinking a very informal and casual thing where we get to eat some great food and meet some new people at the same time. I can do anything from a dive bar to a five-star, cloth-napking-and-sommelier type joint; I can dress up and I can dress down. My profile and list of interests will of course give you a sense of who I am. I'm really looking forward to getting to know this amazing city better. I live in Oakland but commute to downtown SF daily by BART for work (and am looking to move into SF proper soon, especially after being mugged/assaulted near my house the other night).

We've planned our first meet-up/group dining experience for Monday 11/23 at 8pm; inquire within for details. LET'S EAT!

You can view the Google Groups page I've started for us here.

Thank you for your support

glam aka Tony
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