JESSICA (muteness) wrote in gaybay,

sapphiastic, a new lesbian/bi blog.

Hello. I started a lesbian blog, and you all should give it a look:

Sapphiastic (or sapphi) bursted onto the scene in April 2010, but didn’t make her graceful debut until May 2010. This blog serves as a place to laugh about certain things you just wouldn’t understand if you weren’t attracted to other girls. However, it’s not always for the chuckles and will monitor the LGBT scene as it relates to you.

A word to the fabulous: this is not your mother’s milk (or maybe it is) we use spicy language here, we will be talking in-depth about LGBT topics, but we also will be discussing the clitoris. That’s the only way to put it. That being said, use scroll-therapy if it’s just not your bag, I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

Sapphiastic is meant to start conversations, interact and say whats on your mind.

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